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The Lamb's Good Shepherd (A Child's Poem)
"Little lamb, lost and scared,
What are you doing over there?
I have been searching everywhere
so you can be under my care."
The sky's so dark, it's hard to see
I ran too fast and hurt my knee
My wool is muddy and smelly too
What's a lamb like me to do?
Why would You want me anyway?
I butt heads and run away
I don't deserve a place to sleep
I'm a very baa-aa-aa-aad sheep.
"Little lamb, no need to fear
Let Me wipe away your tears
I'll never leave you all alone
I'll pick you up and take you home
I'll wash your wool and you'll be clean
The whitest wool you've ever seen
You'll never hunger, I'll keep you fed
You have My lap to rest your head
My pasture is the perfect place
So come into My sweet embrace
My little lamb, no need to weep
The Good Shepherd loves all His sheep."
When you feel lost, lonely, or scared,
your Shepherd searches everywhere
for every lamb that wanders away
no matter the minute or hour o
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Sorry dA, I refuse to let my pitiful artwork collection become like a clip art CD at the public library to be used by folks without my permission, even for companies and professional use.  No means NO.  I wanted to share my shit with the world to enjoy and comment on any tricks and tips to improve for the hand-drawn. And enjoy my photography in general.

So I have saved back all my gallery stuff here, and will likely be relocating to a different website soon.  Expect my account to be locked/deleted soon, too.  I WILL, however, be hosting all my art with my photobucket account onto my artist Facebook page, for my beloved followers/watchers!  I love you guys and gals!
Facebook link:…
sorry for lack of updating.  Got my second opinion gyno appt, she said first gyno/surgeon is a quack. the 'leave it in and have kids anyways' would result in miscarriage every time.  I get to have surgery done by a super-expert level surgeon in Celebration sometime next month (hopefully). He's one of them mega brainy Korean docs.  It's not just a leave it or remove it with him, he knows how to do alternatives to all or nothing.  He says it can be shrunk down first if I wanted, and can even be cut out like it was a fruit being sliced up, it's that easy now.  I'll be opting for hopefully shrink it so it's smaller and easier to remove, repair the uterus where it was chilling at (top of uterus), then hopefully trying to conceive by the holiday season 2017.

And as far as that hell-hole job, I fucking RESIGNED.  I was tired of verbal and mental abuse from the store manager, and he always like audiences when abusing employees.  He got nasty with me on Saturday of Black Friday weekend.  It made me cry when I clocked out and walked out to the car (nobody was gonna see me cry), I talked with God in the car, He says "Don't worry, I have better for you".  So I called hubby on way home and he helped me write the resignation letter.  I also decided to call the ethics hotline for ToysRUs on the jerk, too.  He abused other employees (even temps), and no one else should be allowed to suffer.  No regrets on that part.

November was a whirlwind, as my husband's awesome boss/store OWNER passed away from a heart attack, but left the business to hubby in his will! WOAH!  Mr. DeWayne made sure no matter what happened to him that my hubby still would have a job.  And my hubby  lets me do all the store paperwork, errand running, and cleaning (off the payroll legally due to surgery coming would make the govt look at us funny). He makes sure I get some money each week to pay the elec bill, the cat's vet scrip kibble (We love you, Bean!) and such.

I need to hurry up and get this taxes paperwork for store and personal rounded up and over with so surgery will be easier on us stress-wise.  I also want either my car properly repaired or replaced...
Finally!!! a different gyno who does surgery in the same office is able to do the surgery ASAP!  Friday 2PM is pre-op appt and a procedure for sizing up the fibroid and 2 cysts will be done then.  November 16th (time TBD) is surgery day.  Thank God! Shame I'll be missing the retail rush, but my health is important. I wouldn't be able to properly work the rush in current state anyways. The fibroid is an energy/nutrient vampire that slows me down too much, and sure as hell won't be taking care of me when I'm old and white haired.  Once it's gone, I'm looking at early summer 2017 for trying to have my first child.

Does that ticker show up on here?  I'm setting a goal of 10 to 15 pounds at a time, because yesterday morning I was having lower back pain so bad, just picking up my cat to cuddle her made me start to cry from the spasms.  Yes, I have a medicine for muscle relaxing, but I'm overweight and carry it in thighs, ass, and my belly. It makes me look like I'm due any day now, and I have yet to get pregnant.  I hate when people just ask 'when are you due?' or try to touch me without saying that dreaded question first.  And why the fuck would you touch a pregnant woman's belly without asking first? (another soapbox rant, another day).

I currently weigh 220 pounds, and I'm 5'7" tall and just turned 37.  I also have to get out of my highly toxic stressful physically over-demanding low-paying dead-end job to help with weight loss.  Ever since I started at the current job almost 2 years ago, the scale has NOT budged.  It's that awful.

My family isn't much help with stress, mother-in-law is a total attention-seeking diva who has no friends near her home or hobbies outside 'gardening' in the back yard and watching tv most of the day.
My mother is a control freak with health issues due to her stupid diet choices, thinks sugar-free and fat-free things are great, along with 'diet' drinks.  fake fats and sugars and things like that cause health issues like she has now, and I warned her to eat REAL food.  The her way or the highway attitude is bullshit.
My dad is due to retire from the U.S. Army before the end of the year, but being deployed to two war zones for over a year each time and he's no spring chicken has him possibly receiving veteran's disability... don't know, never heard of that benefit before.

My sister had a cancerous tumor in her brain, but by the grace of God, she's cancer-free! She has an awesome fiancee who is father to her two toddler aged children and an awesome step-dad to her oldest daughter by the soon-to- ex-husband (asshole alcoholic... good riddance).

But I will lose this weight one day at a time.  My plans are:
portion control
real ingredients of stuff i can pronounce if I can't make it at home myself
starting by walking to end of street and back, then push for walking to local drug store about 3/4 mile up the road and back, then walking with my dog once he gets his nails trimmed (long black doggy nails are best done professionally!).  Then I'll add some stretching yoga for the back issues I'm having and pilates basic stuff to keep getting flexible and limber again cause God knows I hate being stiff and in pain.

I hate leafy green vegetables like lettuce with a passion.  Lettuce actually upsets my stomach, as does lemon and peppermint.  Mistakenly grabbed peppermint flavor pepto bismol for diarrhea over the weekend, made it last longer...

If anyone would like to be a support system friend, I'm also on facebook. PM me on here, and I'll add you over there!
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  • Drinking: water


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Jen S.
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I have two dogs, two cats.
I love drawing stuff, and taking pictures, and doing crochet.

See that website link below? If you're a RPer and like Star Wars and wanna dabble in the Force, click it and join me and my bunch today. When it asks who sent/referred you, my name is Kaylesha Blackheart and my number is 3438. :-)

the more the merrier as they say!…



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